SUČELJE-Seattle 2024

From December 12, 2024 until December 12, 2024
Seattle - Washington State Convention Center, Washington, SAD
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INTERFACE Seattle | 9. prosinca 2021

Over 20 years of cutting-edge conferences. Local IT Community Educational Events. INTERFACE Seattle Virtual 2021/See You Next Year. KEYNOTE:1 CPE: Lessons to share: An expert's guide to ransomware remediationBrian Miller, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FusionTek. [1 CPE] Zero-Trust Architectures. [1 CPE] Shifting cloud architecture left - Best practices for securing cloud deployments.

IT Infrastructure is always changing and bringing new challenges. It's almost impossible to stay up-to-date with the latest developments, from ransomware to the newest security threats and AI to the increasing need for bandwidth and storage. This conference was designed to assist. Our conference is designed to help.

Pronaći ćete informacije o informacijskoj sigurnosti, infrastrukturnom oblaku, oporavku od katastrofe i komunikacijama. Održat će se i panel rasprave i izlagači koji će pokrivati ​​širok raspon tema.

9. prosinca 2021. 8:30 - 4:30.

Virtualna konferencijaSeminari s više staza i Q&AChating i umrežavanje s izvlačenjem nagrada jedan na jedan svaki sat.

Brian Miller, suosnivač i glavni izvršni direktor FusionTeka.


Organisations have made significant investments in IT security to strengthen their perimeter, endpoints, networks, and applications. Hackers are successfully breaching these defenses to target enterprise data including backup data. Ransomware has started to target online backups, encrypting them or deleting. How would you know if your organization had been the victim of an attack? The time required to manually compare each snapshot and sort through millions of documents is a significant amount, and can significantly delay recovery. The entire environment being restored in bulk could result in high data loss, and even weeks of work wasted. We will be discussing how to protect the last line of defence, your backups, in this session. We will go through the anatomy of recovery, best practices and advanced tools, to ensure that you won't have to pay ransom and to recover your data quickly to continue business operations.

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Seattle - Washington State Convention Center, Washington, SAD Seattle - Washington State Convention Center, Washington, SAD


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